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Since November 2017, Over 100 video discussions have been captured on the topic of healthcare in the U.S. Aiming to bring all stakeholders in the healthcare environment together to create the future of healthcare; Patient Orator is on a mission to raise the voices of those affected by healthcare inefficiencies to activate change, shift societal perceptions, empower citizens, patients and create a more equitable healthcare environment for all. Patient Orator is pioneering the future of healthcare, over 12 U.S cities covered 38 more to go!  


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Thoughts On U.S Healthcare System consist of insights collected from residents across the United States on the many issues that they identify as being problematic or complimentary within the U.S healthcare system. Residents also provide their proposed solutions to fixing the problems within the healthcare system. All opinions shared are representative of the individuals being interviewed.



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"Improving Healthcare One Perspective at a Time"

— Kistein Monkhouse

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Enthusiast on a Mission to Create Change 

Kistein holds a Master of Public/Health Administration MPA. She was a nursing assistant and service coordinator by practice, turned video blogger and advocate for patients, caretakers, and health care staff. She turned her passion of caring for the ill into a traveling visual storytelling of public opinions about our healthcare system. These visual story collection also features patients, as well as, both medical and non medical professionals, and policy makers who shares in the decision making process of healthcare delivery and the overall healthcare environment.
Kistein’s long term goal is to contribute to improving population health outcomes, which she accredits to her firm belief that all people regardless of class, race, gender identity, age, religion, ethnicity, or geographical location should be given an equal opportunity to achieve optimal health.

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