At Patient Orator we are proud of our collaborations with stakeholders across the health care sector from both private and public sectors. We invite you to collaborate with us to help make health care more efficient.

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We filmed our very first patient story vlog on December 14th 2017 in California, with patient leader & advocate Heather Corini Aspell. Since then we’ve travelled to over 6 states, listening to patients that are contributing their voices to improving health care while empowering the patient community.

How your story is used

As a part of our social impact work, your vlog will remain open access, distributed publicly on the Patient Orator website, Youtube channel and social media pages.

Impact We Are Seeking to create

  • Patient Empowerment

  • Humanizing the Patient Experience

  • Raising Awareness of Life with illness

  • Ending Societal Stigma Relating to Disease & Illness

  • Amplifying ALL Voices, to Improve the Patient Narrative

Become a Patient Orator, share your story.

Camera shy? Write us, your story or share your story and perspectives on health care #PatientOrator

Photo by Singkham from Pexels

Photo by Singkham from Pexels


Calling all bold innovators and problem solvers. Let us help you get the word out about your efforts to create change in the health care ecosystem. Tell us about your social good projects in improving health outcomes in your community. Or, ways in which you are working to make health care delivery more efficient. In other words, whether you are building solutions or leading initiatives to improve health access, health literacy or health care in general let us help you shout it to the world!

Impact we are seeking to create

Building a company from ground up is difficult alone. Creating long lasting change is also challenging, especially when resources are trim. Our mission is to bring authentic visual perspectives on the health care sector. A part of that work involves thinking outside of the box, and supporting those who do the same. In the process of making health care more efficient, we hope to help you gain the attention of stakeholders as we enhance your digital presence.

Let us talk about ways in which can create greater impact together.

Photo by from Pexels

Photo by from Pexels


Health care is complex! That said, it is important that all stakeholders aid in addressing the many complexities that causes systemic failures, resulting in poor health care delivery, poor health outcomes and failed population health efforts.

At Patient Orator, we believe that video blogging presents enormous opportunities to communicate in an engaging human way. While data scientist are equipped with lingo and knowledge to interpret findings that are often imperative to understanding issues and taking preventative measures on improving health, this information is often lost in text. Presenting missed opportunity for messages to reach those it was intended on impacting.

Our goal is to help researchers, medical professionals, and government communicate in a way that is both relatable and digestible to the general population. In doing so, we hope to help improve health literacy, break down barriers, in the current “them versus us” narrative.

We hope for the opportunity to learn about your work in research, medicine, or policy.