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Patient Story: Patient Advocacy

As a part of our social impact work, we engage with patients through film and story sharing.  We aim to educate and inform the general public to improve awareness, improve healthcare delivery and eliminate stigma while empowering those living with chronic illnesses or other health complications. We are amplifying the voices of patients from ALL walks of life across ALL geographic locations throughout the U.S. These stories are openly available to the general public and decision makers at no cost to further facilitate change making at societal and organizational levels.

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Civic Engagement: Thoughts on U.S Healthcare System

Our traveling visual perspectives on the health care sector features citizens from all across the U.S sharing their unique insights on health and health care. These perspectives are authentically unscripted, thought provoking and insightful.   

We are proud to have partnered with citizens and underrepresented populations in an effort to break barriers, connect individuals and communities striving to improve health outcomes while impacting systemic change. Shifting the paradigm from privilege to inclusive, we are pioneering the future of health care!  

Help us to further humanize health care by partnering with us to bring thoughts on health care from a specific demographic, or geographical location.

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