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Advancing Health Outcomes In The United States



Features discussions on advancing health outcomes with community leaders, decision makers, research scholars, healthcare professionals and residents across the United States. These discussions covers many different facets of health and healthcare. Topics covered ranges from  social determinants, health inequity, health disparities, including ways in which these issues affect health health care delivery and access.



  • Framing health & healthcare from a policy perspective
  • Health advocacy at local/municipal state and federal level
  • Conceptualizing the roles of elected officials in resource allocation to promote advancing health outcomes

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Civic Engagements



"Thoughts On U.S Healthcare System" are insights collected from residents across the United States on the many issues that they identify within the U.S healthcare system.  In addition to discussing issues, residents may also provide their proposed solutions to fixing the problems within the healthcare system. All opinions shared are representative of the individuals being interviewed.



  • Thoughts on Healthcare Delivery
  • Thoughts on Health Cost
  • Thoughts on Health Policies
  • Thoughts on healthcare Providers

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Patient Advocacy



Patient advocacy & patient story projects are aimed towards empowering patients. This discussion feature patients and patient activist sharing their individual experiences or cause within the healthcare system. The goal is to provide healthcare facility administrators with insights for improving health service delivery. Ultimately Patient Orator is hoping that patient stories will provide decision makers with better understanding for enhancing patient centered care.



  • Patients experiences and insights on healthcare delivery
  • Barriers to healthcare access 
  • Addressing societal stigma and health care issues
  • Patient perspectives on improving patient experience