International Perspectives on Health & Healthcare

A discussion on international healthcare systems; comparing and contrasting to the American healthcare system

Since our government has changed, not as much money is being put into healthcare
— Verna- South Africa
In Sweden the healthcare system is different from here. We have free healthcare for everybody, but it can also be long wait times sometimes
— Maria & Henrik- Sweden
suggesting that policy makers keep the water sources clean, create an environment where the children can grow & play a lot of green areas, and preservations
— Francisco-Mexico
In my country the medicine is free. the healthcare is free so its great for us
— Miriam - spain
We have the national healthcare system. its quite controversial because people feel that its underfunded & over strenghtened
— Tim- England
When someone gets sick you simply go to the doctor you want. It doesn’t have to be certain system, you pay them in cash
— Amira- Egypt
healthcare is a human right. government need to invest more to improve citizens health and wellbeing
— Grace - China
we have a tremendous national health service. everything is free, we have a really back to the basics general practice practitioners”
— Christine-Scotland
healthcare in India is simpler than it is in New York. we can go to the hospitals easily, we don’t have to wait on line
— Sonali- India