Content, Production, Consultation

At Patient Orator we believe that the best way to communicate digitally is through video. Video blogging presents enormous opportunity for information sharing in an engaging and human way.

Employee Engagement & Initiatives

Our goal is to elevate all voices in improving health care delivery. We aim to leverage the insights of your greatest asset; frontline employees. Let us capture frontline employees point of views, they have solutions. Authentically unscripted. Our video blogging employee engagement approach will lead to improved employee morale and ultimately, improved approaches to excellent care delivery.


Patient, Community Engagement & Initiatives

We’re going beyond the traditional animation, scripted videos, capturing real thoughts from patient, and community members, to improve organizational approaches to whole person care.

Find out how we can help you leverage patient perspectives to help your organization achieve whole person care, while identifying social determinants of health.



Let us improve community engagement at your next event by bringing the Patient Orator experience to you.


  • Build Brand Awareness

  • Gain Long Lasting Digital Presence Through Original Content Creation

  • Help your guests shine and exchange ideas freely